What does Bulletproof mean?

What does Bulletproof mean? The first thing to come to most people's mind are guns, a kevlar vest, vehicles in a tactical scene or windows in a bank and many more. In this case it's to have the feeling of being invincible. The action sports industries are gnarly and if you want to make a name for yourself and be remembered as one of the greatest, you have to believe deep down that nothing can stop you. Every champion was a beginner when he started down that path of their achievements. It was their burning desire to not give up or give in to stay average. Injuries come with anything you do, even if you don't participate in a sport. You can choose to let it hold you back and soften you up or you can learn from it and all the challenges it presents during and after the healing process. Pain is temporary and will pass unless you decide that this moment is happening for you and not to you. Ken Roczen, Doug Henry, Travis Pastrana, Trey Canard, Ryan Hughes, Brian Deegan and Chad Reed just to name a few have had huge obstacles in their lives that they overcame where 95% of people would've given up. They pushed through the pain and recovery to come back stronger while proving to themselves what they are capable of. What they did and what you will do in those moments will show how you DEFINE YOURSELF. Are you Bulletproof?